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We know that you’ve heard a lot about Rendezvous over the past couple of weeks, but quite a few of you have told us that you just don’t get what Rendezvous is for, or how it works. Let me explain, in as few words as I can, because I know you’re probably bored already. But Rendezvous is cool, so stick with us. We’ll even put lots of cool pictures in for you.

What’s the point of Rendezvous?

Rendezvous sells for £0.69 on the Play Store for Android devices, and it’ll be on the App Store soon for iPhone users. The money raised from the sale of Rendezvous goes straight to Marie Curie Cancer Care. They spend this money on nursing, running hospices and research into cancer. Every hour of every day, Marie Curie needs £10,000 to continue providing this care for terminally ill cancer patients. By purchasing the app, you’ll directly be helping people in their final days.

So what is Rendezvous?

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Rendezvous works worldwide

Rendezvous is an app that allows you to make Waypoints and share your location with your friends. A Waypoint is simply a location, a school, a pub or any other location you want to share with your friends. Give it a name, a little description and that’s it, created and available for anyone you share it with to view. Best of all, Rendezvous works worldwide, so whether you’re in Edinburgh or Ethiopia, you can share your location and cool places.

How does it work?

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Making a Waypoint is super simple

Rendezvous was designed to be super simple to use. If you want instructions on how to use Rendezvous, we’ll have a page on that shortly. But for now, just remember that there are two key points to using Rendezvous: Making a Waypoint (any important location that you want to share with people) and Share My Location, where you can share your current location with people you choose. Both of these work with the concept of a Rendezvous Pin, which is simple to understand but key to the app. When you make a Waypoint or share your location, the app will give you a Pin. When you want to find a Waypoint, or see where one of your friends are, simply enter the pin into the app, and it will go and find it for you. You can see details about the location, or view it on a map, all from within the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a smartphone but I think the idea is cool.

You don’t have to buy the app to contribute to the Rendezvous Project. The idea of Rendezvous was to give something back to people who contribute to charity, but if you still want to give some money without buying the app, you can donate to Marie Curie via our Just Giving page. Thank you.

I don’t know how to buy an app on my Android phone.

No worries, tweet either @JGMSoftware or @Inshorts, or message us on Facebook and we’ll help you out. Because we’re friendly.

I have a suggestion or idea for the app

We want to keep adding new features to Rendezvous, so that the people who bought it get even more for their money, and we enjoy making the apps. So tweet either @JGMSoftware or @Inshorts, or message us on Facebook and we’ll see what we can do with your idea.

Is it safe to share my location with Rendezvous?

Map Nexus Screen
Viewing your friends location on a map is cool too

Absolutely. Because Rendezvous uses Pins, only people with your pin can see your location, and it only updates your location when you tell it to.

How come it works worldwide? I thought it was just Edinburgh?

We worked with an awesome company called Parse who let us use their servers to power our app. So when you make a Waypoint or ask Rendezvous where your chum Steve is, Rendezvous uses The Cloud (way more awesome than it sounds) to get the location and the details from Parse in San Francisco, and returns it to your phone in fractions of a second. Awesome huh?

I want to buy it right now and I don’t even have time to reach for my phone.

No problem, we prepared for people as awesome as you, and we have a big button for you where you can buy our app online, and then it will magically appear on your phone. Which however you put it, is cool.

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Thanks to Parse for providing the back end for the app, and being generally great helpful guys.

Thanks to Charlotte Simpson for coming up with the concept of Rendezvous, where so many others had failed.

Thanks to Stevie for his well meaning suggestion that we “make a fun game” for our 24 hour Appathon.

Thanks to you, for buying our app and helping Marie Curie.