Windows 8: A bug within an hour!

Microsoft Connect for Windows 8
Microsoft have been very quick to respond to my report.

If you’ve read my earlier blog post, you’ll know that I’ve been using the Windows 8 Release Preview and I’ll be posting comments and observations as I go along. Well, within an hour of installing the RP (or RC, to call it by it’s proper, non-marketing name), I had found a bug. A quick Google revealed that there isn’t really a proper system for reporting bugs with Windows 8 – post on their Windows 8 forum with “Bug:” in the title and hope that one of their engineers picks it up.

Well, less than 24 hours after I posted details of the bug, I received instructions from a moderator and I’ve been invited to join Microsoft’s Connect program to provide more details and logs to the Windows 8 team. Incidentally, it’s not the first time I’ve been invited to a Connect programme – I was one of the first to get access to the Technology Preview of Office 2010 before that was released. It’s nice to see that Microsoft are taking bug reports so seriously, and hopefully my bug report can help fix a bug with Windows 8 before it’s released. Which I think, frankly, is pretty cool.

Note: While using Windows 8 I have found it to be totally stable and easily usable as your day to day operating system. Because I’m at the early stage of reporting the bug, I’m choosing not to disclose details of it – I will say that it affects the Metro runtime and does not compromise security.

UPDATE: After having submitted the bug to Microsoft, I had to agree to some pretty substantial legal agreements before providing feedback. Therefore, I am choosing not to provide or disclose any further details.