For those of you who follow us on twitter, you may know that JGM Software is involved in a collaborative project with Bruce Collie, a highly skilled independent developer, to create the Rendezvous app in just 24 hours on the 30th of June. This app is going to be sold to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, and as well as buying the app (available for both Android and iPhone), you can donate at Bruce’s JustGiving page.

A sneak technological preview

Rendezvous is an app that helps you to find your friends when you’re organizing a meeting. Rendezvous is global, and will allow you to find your friends meeting point wherever they are on the planet. Create your own meeting point to share with friends, and let them find you. Module testing for some parts of the app that need to be planned in advance are under way, and Google provided JGM Software with our Maps API key today to enable us to integrate Google Maps into the app. We’re also using the excellent Parse service to provide our server functionality.

More to come

More exciting things are happening with Rendezvous, and if you want the latest updates on what’s happening, check out our official Facebook page where Bruce and I will be on hand to answer questions. We’ll also have a live twitter feed on the day to let everyone know our progress, and we’ll provide more details nearer the time.